Read what authenticated reviewers have to say about My Daddy is a Hero, How Chris Watts Went From Family Man to Family Killer by Lena Derhally.

Lena Derhally Book Review
Lena Derhally review
Lena Derhally book reviews
Lena Derhally Review, Chris Watts Book, Best Seller
Lena derhally review

Amazon review“I thought I knew all I needed to about this case but was surprised to learn so much more. While Ms. Derhally is a psychotherapist, she makes very clear she is NOT diagnosing Chris Watts. But she informs and guides the reader to draw their own conclusions about this man and the horrific crimes he committed against his family.”

Amazon reviewI would highly recommend this book to anyone. The subject matter is difficult but the story needs to be told. The author gives detailed insight, without coming across judgy. It is very rare to find a book that is riveting, educational and unfortunately makes you cry.I knew nothing of the story of the Watts before reading this book and by the end I felt that they were family. That is a true credit to the author for her research and empathy.

Amazon review:   I read a lot of books about this case and by far, this one is most detailed and insightful, with meaningful advice on how to spot a man like this monster. Worth of reading. 

Audible Review: Women, take note and read this book. It could very well save your life and those of your children. 

Goodreads reviewA very difficult book, not for the sensitive!! The author does a fantastic job of describing the monster and his unforgivable actions without stealing any of the dignity away from the victims.

Goodreads review: A chilling and horrific family annihilation murder. A deep dive into a probable psychopath. A well written and researched work.

Goodreads review: The author does a great job of combining this horrific case with psychological insight including evaluating Watts own words, analyzing the narcissistic and psychopathic characteristics of his actions and statements. The book is a haunting reminder that monsters walk among us. 

Goodreads review:  Other than specialist books on psychology, this here book of Lena Derhally ranks among the very few that had me actually learn something new in the field. On completion of the book, as I reflected on the author’s statements, I also realized how the title already anticipated how I would feel at the end of the reading, namely, thoroughly jolted…For what it’s worth, the author’s elucidations had me make a double take on people and relationships in general. Summa summarum, this ranks among the best in true crime compositions.  

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