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When I saw Chris Watts’s television interview after Shanann and her daughters first went missing, as a licensed therapist I was struck by how indifferent he was to their disappearance. Like many others, I was drawn into the case immediately and wanted to understand why? My book on the Chris Watts case is now available and I hope that it educates and helps people understand how non-violent people become violent. Available in paperback, hard cover and for Kindle on Amazon.

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“Gripping and masterful psychological exploration of the Watts family murders.” Amazon reviewer

“Page-turner-Brilliant, well-written book that you can’t put down!” Amazon reviewer

“I have now found closure from this case because of this book. I no longer feel that I need to speculate, ruminate or dissect what may have happened to Chris to cause him to commit such heinous crimes anymore, because I found the answers in this here.” Amazon UK reviewer

“Not just another Chris Watts Book”

One of the best books I have read. Interesting, informative and well written” Amazon reviewer

 “I expected to read a standard true crime account of a baffling family annihilation. What I got was a solid education in psychopathy, and I’m grateful for my new knowledge of a disorder I thought I understood.”  Amazon reviewer

“I had already reviewed several hours of video and news articles about the Watts case prior to reading this book. And I still found it to be informative and insightful. It does provide enough background to be a standalone read about the events that occurred. But where it really shines is in answering the biggest question of all, “What would make a guy like this do such a thing?”. The author leverages her own extensive psychology experience along with research from others in her field to provide an answer makes that makes sense. She dives into the science just enough to give you a clinical definition of the mindset of a Chris Watts. And maybe more importantly, the things you need to know to spot a Chris Watts in your life. The book is well written and engaging. It was a quick and enjoyable read. I highly recommend it! ” Amazon reviewer

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Watch The Crime Talk With Scott Reisch Interview About the Book

In this discussion about her new book, How Chris Watts Went from Family Man to Family Killer, we discussed the in-depth look at community psychopaths, the different subtypes of narcissism, and Lena’s interviews with a neuroscientist, a criminal psychologist, and a journalist outlined in the book. Her hope is that we can prevent abuse and violence if we have more of an understanding and know what signs to look out for.